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Many parents tell their children little lies to get them to do, or act in a certain way. Well, that is exactly what governments, lobby groups and the media are doing to the public.

I am a smoker! It’s not something to be proud of … but unfortunately I am a smoker.

Lately, lots of campaigns are being held against smokers and against their existence in society. They talk about diseases caused by smoking, about the way we are hurting ourselves as well as our environment and about the way we are abusing the non-smokers freedom.

I do agree that smoking is bad for us. I do agree that smoking leaves a bad aroma, stained walls and curtains. I do agree that smoking damages our lungs especially when done in extreme excess. However I do not agree that second hand smoke does anything more than irritate your nose unless you are highly allergic, which I have found to be pretty rare.


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Lieux de memoire


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